Customs Clearance

Transmot identifies the customs clearance needs of its customers in the best way with its corporate know-how and customer-oriented approach, the most ideal solutions.

All regime declarations are made electronically and reporting is done via e-mail and SMS is transmitted to customers as. In this way, the status of the goods customers can be monitored instantaneously by the team. The finished files belong to The documents are stored electronically by scanning and stored electronically.

Transmot International Transport Istanbul head office Erenkoy customs It is 1 km away from the Directorate and is intertwined with our company headquarters. summary declaration and inspection procedures can be carried out in minimum time. Delivery of goods undamaged by supervising loading and unloading operations is completed under the responsibility of our company. Our contracted insurance organisations and import, export and internal transport insurance claims on your behalf is instructed by us.

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